worintion ltd

Our Team

Eduard Semenov

Director General

Eduard is the most experienced member of the Worintion investment company. He has been working in the stock investment industry for more than 12 years. Starting his career as a junior manager, over the past time he managed to become a top trader and top-level manager. A profound understanding of investment mechanisms allows him to develop and implement complex decision-making algorithms in highly volatile markets.

Andrea Chantal

Deputy Director General

She is one of the leading experts in the area of exchange trading and investments. She repeatedly participated in the launch of large commercial projects. Several of her startups have turned into major commercial enterprises. Andrea often participates in international investment conferences, shares her experience with novice financiers and acts as a consultant for well-known corporations.

Anthony Woods

Head of Marketing Division

Anthony has been working in the investment area for over 11 years. He is a major specialist in strategic planning and operational marketing. His portfolio contains more than 20 successful projects. One of his strengths is the ability to choose an effective investment area and invest the client’s funds in such a way that they are as much as possible protected against losses and bring a profit.

Logan Baker

Head of Analysis Department

Logan received a higher economic education and studied at international schools, where he acquired business competencies on an international scale. For more than 10 years he has been applying the acquired knowledge in practice and has established himself as a qualified specialist. Currently, Logan has changed the vector of his work and now he specializes in investing capital in various sectors of the economy.

Izabela Manzini

Head of Development Department

She is a leading developer of financial analytical software. She is the author of more than 20 unique software algorithms that automate the process of technical analysis. Major processing centers that provide trading on international exchange markets take advantage of her services. Now Izabela is developing software for Worintion.

Gavin Richardson

Expert, specialist in financial markets and investments in the USA.

Gavin specializes in developing investment strategies and capital management. At Worintion, he is responsible for analysis of foreign financial markets and selection of reliable assets that can be used as investment objects. He graduated from Yale with a degree in international economics.

Other staff members

Worintion’s top management is not just highly qualified executives who took over the management of the investment platform. Each of them is a leader who leads a well-coordinated team and achieves set goals with its help, regardless of obstacles.

The Worintion team is not just employees, but a team of like-minded people who make every effort to ensure a comfortable investment process for the company’s customers. The united efforts of dozens of specialists have led to the fact that you can securely place free funds and receive from 20 to 100% of a passive income.

A decent financial return is not the primary motivation for our employees and company managers. Our goal is satisfied customers who recommend the company to their friends, colleagues, and friends.

Each of you can become part of the company team in the status of a partner. You will also receive interest from all financial transactions of customers attracted on your recommendation.