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What we do

The efforts of the WORINTION team are concentrated on creating for the clients the most convenient, secure and profitable investment platform. You invest free money, and we make for you a profit of x50 per year.

Our focus areas

WORINTION is a multiple-function investment platform. Rival companies invest customers’ funds in well-defined economic realms. They purchase and sell one type of assets or specialize in specific services. Such specialization pays off only during the period of the rise in the market. And in case of a financial crisis in a certain area, customers suffer losses.

Our platform operates in another way. We use the maximum number of underlying financial assets in order to profitably invest our customers’ funds and prevent their loss. Thanks to such diversification, investors can be sure that they will receive a profit regardless of market trends. And in case of losses in one transaction, our clients will repeatedly receive profit from other deals.

Our company invests in currencies, cryptocurrencies, securities, and energy resources. Specialists in each type of assets work with us, and their common efforts provide our clients with profit.

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Investment insurance

Our customers’ funds are insured by the corporate insurance fund. We are liable for the results of financial transactions that are carried out using borrowed funds. Regardless of the market situation and the results of the transaction, each client preserves his money.

The insurance fund is formed from funds of WORINTION in the amount of 1 million US dollars. These funds, if necessary, can be used to repay the losses of our customers. But thanks to the experience of analysts and the use of unique software, the possibility of losses is excluded. Our investment company is a reliable platform for investing, which is repeatedly confirmed by client feedback.

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Our Office

 27 Kensington Church Street, London,  England, W8 4LL